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The Fleet

Jane has designed our unique fleet of Pop Up Cards depicting iconic Irish sea going vessels. Each boat in the fleet has a personal connection to us in The Old Sea Dog, for example our ancestors crewed on the Minnehaha and so on. It’s the perfect way to send your thoughts sailing towards your loved ones.

Pop Up Cards

The Currach


The Galway Hooker

Galway Hooker

The Minnehaha

The Minnehaha

The Ilen


The Broighter Boat

Broighter Boat

“An duine a bhfuil Long agus Lón aige, gheobhaidh sé cóir lá eigin”

“The person with a ship and a cargo, will find a fair wind someday”

Bád í mBolgán

Bád í mBolgán is The Old Sea Dog’s contemporary twist on the age old craft of model boats in bottles. 
Launched in December 2020, this stunning model of a Galway Hooker inside a domestic lightbulb is showcased on a simple wooden stand.

Bád i mBolgan

The Old Sea Dog Merchandise

Tea Towel


Tote Bag


Bird Beach Bag

Bird Beach Bag

Boat Beach Bag

Boat Beach Bag