The Currach


The Currach is The Old Sea Dog’s unsung hero. This Pop Up card depicts the boat that took St. Brendan to America and kept many Irish families in fish on the western coast in days gone by. Upon opening this card, you can almost hear the banter of the fishermen and the cries of the gulls above. The Currach card is the perfect way to drop a line to absent friends.

The card is laser cut, then hand assembled (20cmx15cm).



The Currach is the best known of all the traditional Irish boats. Now made from tarred canvas, they were originally crafted using animal skins stretched over wooden slats and rowed with bladeless oars or sailed. Although flimsy looking, they are perfectly adapted to the local seas. Legend has it that it was in a currach that St. Brendan journeyed across the Atlantic 900 years before Colombus.