The Ilen


Having stumbled upon the charming tale of the Ilen in the Hunt Museum, we knew that it was the perfect fit for The Old Sea Dog’s fleet. The story of this plucky little boat that had sailed from Cork to the far flung Falkland Islands, where our father visited many a times in his seafaring days, captured our imagination. This Pop Up card will delight the heart of anyone who is lucky enough to receive it.

The card is laser cut, then hand assembled (20cmx15cm).



In 1926 the Ilen was  built in Baltimore, Co.Cork for The Falkland Islands Company  and was sailed 7700 miles to Port Stanley by her designer Conor O’Brien and  cousins Con and Denis Cadogan. There she spent some 70 years trading between the islands before returning to Ireland in 1998, where she was lovingly restored in Hegarty’s boatyard with the talent of the AK Ilen School of Boat Building. This beautiful wooden ketch is now an educational and research vessel inspiring another generation to turn to the sea.